At SCV Landscaping, we understand the importance of creating an outdoor space that is beautiful yet functional.  It all begins with the design.  From concept through project completion, we never lose focus of the little details that make the difference.


"One choice, unlimited potential"


Creativity.  Rather than giving our clients a "cookie-cutter" yard, we help uncover the true vision of each homeowner to develop the outdoor space they always wanted.  From design concept, to financing on a project by project basis, we are here as a partner working toward the same common goal.


What sets us apart more than anything is our design-build focus.  Our goal is to treat each project as if it were our own, taking the extra time to guide each homeowner through the entire process with each and every decision.  

who we are

Transparency.  We are budget conscious and begin our very first discussions with this topic.  When building out your backyard, you can build a $10k yard and a $100k yard in the very same space.

Experience.  At the core of each project is 75+ years of construction and development experience.  From the Owners to the Superintendent's/Project Managers, there is a blend of experience unmatched in the Santa Clarita Valley.



Project Financing

Up to 50% Project Financing!
SCV Landscaping focuses on landscape construction in new housing tracts in the Santa Clarita Valley. For new homeowners, it's an exciting and stressful time. The demands for your money are many; down payments, moving, furnishings, interior improvements, etc. Moreover, building out your outdoor space is likely the most costly item in the new home experience. Many homeowners put off breaking ground longer than they want or compromise on the scope of the project to fit their budget. At SCV Landscaping we understand your situation and have taken steps to provide the opportunity to have the outdoor space you want without having to wait.

SCV Landscaping will finance up to 20% of a total project at zero percent over 12 months and up to 50% of the total project cost as a home equity loan. Banks currently want to see 12 months of ownership before they will provide a line of credit. Our resources offer you interim financing until you become eligible for bank lines and the financing rates are fair for the situation. Availability is on a case by case basis and terms are flexible to meet the needs of the homeowner. Please contact us for more details.